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Who do you need to hire to build an effective team?

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The most successful leadership teams are those that comprise of a well-balanced blend of talent who bring different strengths to the table. Of course, the talent you need will depend on the stage your business is at in its journey and the immediate objectives that lie ahead.


If your goal is to successfully take the United Kingdom out of the European Union, for example, your aim would be to surround yourself with people who can each play their own role in achieving this goal in the short space of time that remains.


This is the challenge that Boris Johnson faced last month upon taking the reins as the Conservative leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. When it comes to making up a cabinet, the same principle applies. It takes the right balance of skill and experience to run a government, and who you choose will depend on the unique challenges and present political environment you’re up against. 


Prime Minister: Leadership

Most professionals would agree that you need confidence and an ability to make the right decisions under pressure, instilling a sense of trust and security across an organisation. Although Boris Johnson has come under fire for refusing to rule out a no-deal Brexit, the conviction he displayed when assembling his cabinet demonstrated his commitment deciding on an outcome – whatever this may be - before October. Considering one of the main criticisms of Theresa May was that she was indecisive at key junctures, the new PM has done well to position himself as a charismatic leader who is capable of taking action to reach a definitive conclusion.


Chancellor: Strategy

Just as the role of a chief financial officer is to align commercial and finance strategy to grow the business, the Chancellor of the Exchequer plays the crucial role of raising revenue alongside the Prime Minister’s policy agenda to ensure the government achieves its goals. As the next owner of the famous red briefcase, Sajid Javid’s first priority is to ensure everything is in place for the eventuality of a no-deal Brexit. Similarly, those in finance roles must be pragmatic and innovative in order to deal with the practical necessities and craft a sound strategy that ensures long-term sustainability, no matter what adversities arise.


Home Secretary: Problem-solving

Commercial success is a daunting task, however, with a natural problem solver in your leadership team, the business benefits from someone capable of finding more effective methods for the team to operate. Now, Home Secretary, Priti Patel will take on the mountainous task of "keeping citizens safe and the country secure" at a time where tensions regarding immigration are at a considerable high. She may be outspoken, but Patel has also proven resilient and able to ask the difficult questions otherwise overlooked – a key attribute that businesses can benefit from.


Foreign Secretary: Communication

As a business scales from start-up to a fully-fledged organisation, a strong leadership team should comprise of one or more individuals who are expert communicators; someone who can form strategic relationships with key contacts external to the organisation while ensuring everyone in the team is up to date with new developments. Having been appointed as Foreign Secretary, ambitious ex-lawyer Dominic Raab must play the role of the communicator. As well as striking up partnerships with foreign leaders to bolster the UK’s standing on the global stage post-Brexit, he must also stay firmly connected to British politics.


Chief Whip: Engagement

Within every successful business is someone like Mark Spencer - the newly appointed Parliamentary Secretary – who is capable of securing buy-in from employees at every level of the business; someone who can translate high-level business objectives into tangible goals that everyone can work towards and keep staff engaged with the vision of the organisation. As Chief Whip, Mark Spencer will face the grueling task of ensuring MPs vote with the government on key Brexit legislation. With new crowd of restive rebels on the backbenches and a fractured relationship with the Democratic Unionist party, whipping up support won’t be easy.

We understand the impact that policy-related issues can have, so we fully scrutinise every brief to provide an effective recruitment solution. Whether you’re looking to hire or you’re searching for a new role, our consultants are ready to help you.

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