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There is great value to be found in growing and strengthening your talent pool. As a long-term strategy, it will allow you to fill the positions you need more efficiently, and with higher quality candidates. Once a company begins making use of an extended talent pool, it becomes an integral part of its hiring strategy.

So, how can you grow your talent pool to guarantee you can secure the right hires moving forwards?

Concentrate on your employer brand
In cementing an authentic, trusted and reliable employer brand, you will become more attractive to potential candidates. Without this, you may struggle to secure the attention of one candidate, let alone a pool of interested professionals.
Employers that are serious about their branding and perception will define their core messages, invest in enhancing company culture and ensure that there is strong advocacy within the team.

You will be able to source professionals from a rich pool of talent if you are demonstrating that the business operates in a meaningful and considered way. Afterall, your employer brand reflects the culture instilled from within and ensuring there is a transparent, honest connection between the employee and the business is key.

Prioritise using your networks
Making well-established professional connections should be the cornerstone of your talent acquisition strategy. When sourcing candidates to add to your developing talent pool, one of the most important considerations should be to prioritise your presence across a range of networking opportunities, whether that be face-to-face or virtually.

Take the time to explore LinkedIn groups to connect with potential hires, attend webinars with other like-minded professionals and promote your vision with some local advertising to increase your visibility and engagement with talent.
Exploring networks can also be a valuable way to gain insight into market trends or industry developments, positioning you well when it comes to securing the correct talent to support where your industry is heading next.

Engage with graduate talent
Creating a talent pool involves a significant amount of forward planning. As such, connecting with and striking relationships with soon-to-be graduate talent is a good way in which to identify and add candidates to your growing talent pool.

Many young professionals are unsure as to the direction in which they would like to go, or the career path they will take. Striking up conversations with this pocket of talent and understanding their ambitions and goals will mean that you can add a new set of skills to your talent pool. They may also be well-suited to apprenticeships, internships or graduate programmes, which are also of benefit to the broader employer brand.

When employers evaluate their talent pool and put steps in place in order to enhance it, they will also be forced to consider how they screen candidates. As business functions change, and the needs of customers and clients shift, employers will be looking closely at selecting candidates of the highest quality to meet the demands of the role.

In curating a talent pool of high-quality candidates, when the time comes, employers will be able to reduce the speed to hire by beginning the process from a bank of talent that they are connected with and trust.

If you would like to discuss your hiring strategy, or begin the search for your next hire, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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