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How are water management projects creating an impact?

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The role of water management projects continues to adapt to support issues facing the allocation of water. From basic access to emerging technologies and building new water plants, innovative water management projects have a direct impact on everyone’s lives. 

Water management projects aim to protect the future of the global water supply and also deal with the effect of climate change on water bodies. Drought, flooding and further water shortages are likely to become more prevalent in the future. The growing impact of climate change on water availability means water engineers are likely to be increasingly called upon to support the UK’s own water infrastructure.

So, how are these projects creating an impact?

The Internet of Water

Across the world, it is estimated that 34.6 billion litres of drinking water are lost through supply networks. Water management projects are focusing on developing emerging technologies to combat this.

Through the Internet of Water, water engineers plan to connect devices in the water value chain in order to monitor and control their state, flow and volume. These remote monitoring and control technologies can be used to conserve and maintain quality if water and also to create sustainable and scalable water economy for water utilities. Through these smart technologies, water engineers have the potential to improve the efficiency and financial sustainability of water utilities around the world. 

Re-thinking our approach to treating water

In the UK, water management projects continue to improve our daily lives, as well as the environment we live in. In order to provide water during severe periods of drought and protect rare chalk streams, a new water management project is being developed by Southern Water.

Using a desalination plant, over half a million people will drink treated seawater instead of water abstracted from rare chalk streams. Mass abstraction for drinking water is causing significant damage to ecosystems in chalk streams and without water management, protected habits and species are at risk.

The desalination plant will take seawater from the Solent and produce 75 million litres of drinking water a day. This will be the second desalination plant in the UK and will relieve the huge pressure on water resources in the south and east of England, helping to protect the country’s future water supply. It is through the work of niche skillsets and the insights of water engineers that this can be made possible.

Enhancing opportunities in engineering

Water management projects often generate a large number of jobs for the local area, particularly when there are large scale schemes being brought forward. Interestingly too, developing new technologies and building new water management developments requires workers from a variety of sectors. 

However, with a greater focus on supporting projects across the world, more and more opportunities are becoming available within global corporations. As a result, opportunities to move into water engineering are continuing to evolve.

From assisting in the planning and management of water resources, to focusing on sustainability and water conservation; working in water management creates possibilities for working across the world due to its global reach. The growing focus on climate change and its implications for the world’s water supply means water engineers are more important than ever.

The role of engineers in the water industry is continuing to create a lasting impact to the public. From emerging technologies to building new water plants (and creating new jobs), the industry and what engineers can bring to the table is constantly adapting. To find out more about roles in the sector or to discuss your hiring needs, please get in touch with us.

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