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Our 5 top tips for managing video interviews

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As the lockdown continues, there is an increasing need to look to new ways to maintain the hiring process. For a wide cross-section of industries, utilising video interviewing software to find the perfect candidate has proven to be hugely important. Whilst the thought of using a digital platform to interview candidates may seem overwhelming, these tips will help you to feel prepared, and ready to secure the next talented individual to join your business.
Test your technology
As you would expect your candidates to be well-equipped and prepared for their interview, it is no different for an interviewer.
Ensure that the software you are using has been downloaded and installed correctly, that you have an uninterrupted internet connection and that you are familiar with the interviewing platform. Checking this is set up properly before the interview commences will ensure that it runs smoothly, reassuring your potential new employee too.
Reassess the interview process
Video interviewing now has the power to provide clients with access to a range of candidates to interview.
It is often less time intensive than an in-person equivalent, so this may be a good time to evaluate how you conduct the interview. This can mean re-assessing the stages of the video interviews, the questions you ask, or adding in further sections to ensure you maximise this time and get what you want out of the discussion.
Be well-prepared
It is important to be thoroughly prepared for any type of interview, as this will both reassure the candidate and will hopefully attract them to the business, by presenting a positive image of the company. 
Before it starts, make sure you have access to everything you need for the video interview, including any candidate information, CVs, or supporting material. An employer that can evidence their strengths, even when in control of an interview, will be valued by a potential employee.
Get across your company’s core values
Although a video interview is a good way to learn more about a future employee, it is also a time for a candidate to learn more about a business and its values.
Ensuring that you make a good impression is important. This could mean setting aside time at the start of the interview to introduce yourself, provide a summary of the business and provide some examples of current projects. There is also the opportunity here to leave time aside for the candidate to ask questions about your employer brand; and delivering key messaging is vital as good candidates are always in demand.
Be understanding
The circumstances we currently find ourselves in are unusual. It is important to remember that when carrying out video interviews.
This may be, for some candidates, their first ever interview in this particular style. There can be particular challenges for some individuals in addressing and speaking to a camera, rather than interacting face-to-face. Understanding this, offering more time to consider questions and providing reassurance will go a long way to making the interview a success for all.
These tips are just a few ways in which you can ensure a positive video interviewing experience. Being unable to meet a candidate in person may seem daunting l, but with a lot of talented individuals entering the marketplace, now is actually a good time to recruit. By being prepared to take on people remotely, you will be able to tap into key talent that will boost your business in the long run. 

If you would like to discuss your hiring strategy, or begin the search for your next hire, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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