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Three engineering companies that are helping in the current crisis

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The engineering sector is moving into the spotlight as it helps in the battle against Covid-19. As countries across the globe work tirelessly to ensure that their healthcare systems are protected and can cope with the swell in demand for their services, engineers are stepping up to help.
There are a vast number of engineering companies that are offering new programmes to help make a difference in tackling this pandemic head-on. Here are three that are leading the pack. 

Ventilator Challenge UK

Giants from the world of engineering and aerospace, including Airbus, BAE Systems, Rolls Royce and Siemens have come together to form the Ventilator Challenge UK Consortium. Working towards one goal, producing medical ventilators for the United Kingdom, the consortium is utilising the skills and experience of people from senior positions in order to fulfil the unique challenges that this pandemic presents.
To date, the group has received orders of over 15,000 units from the Government in order to support the NHS with their equipment needs during the current global pandemic. The process undertaken here also includes designing the new models of ventilators to the required specifications, exploring existing technologies to enhance the product being delivered.

Mercedes Formula 1

Teaming up with engineers at University College London and clinicians at UCL Hospital, engineers at Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains have come together on ‘Project Pitlane’. This has seen the team engineer and manufacture respiratory devices to support the frontline demand.
This includes the CPAP device, which has already been used successfully in countries outside of the United Kingdom. The breathing aid was produced within a rapid timeframe - it took fewer than 100 hours from the initial meeting to production of the first device. This is a fantastic example of a range of expertise and skills coming together to work efficiently to meet a deadline and achieve incredible results.


“We more or less applied the pattern we apply when we build an instrument to land on Mars”.

Engineers from NASA, working in California, developed, assembled and produced a ventilator to help treat Covid-19 patients in 37 days. Usually, the team would be working on designing telescopes or robotic technology to send into space to explore and uncover more about our Solar System.
However, whilst none of the engineers working for NASA had any experience in medical engineering, this was about using their skills to support a global need. The end product is known as the VITAL ventilator and is designed specifically to fight this virus and support the varying needs of the patients diagnosed.
We are being presented with a challenge unlike any other. However, recognising that you and your business may have skills and resources that can be adapted in order to support the fight against this pandemic is invaluable and gaining insight or inspiration from what other companies are doing is a good steppingstone.
These are just a handful of some of the exciting and innovative ideas that businesses are adopting to support the global effort to combat Covid-19.
Among the engineering industry, there’s a growing demand for those who are able to demonstrate digital skills, as well as people who can adapt and respond to the needs of the sector. To find out about the many exciting opportunities available, contact our expert team of advisers who have an extensive network of contacts and are committed to placing candidates into exciting, challenging roles within growing businesses.

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