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What can public affairs specialists can take onboard for a post-Covid world?

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The global pandemic is changing the face of politics, society, government and business as we know it. In fact, very few industries are immune to the complications that we are faced with as a result of Covid-19. There has been a shift in the way that we approach public affairs, and there are some key learnings that can be taken forward into the post-Covid world.

Tired of London?

For those working in public affairs, these roles are often centred around Westminster, as there is frequently a need to meet with key influencers and advisors who are based in the nation’s capital.
But with the advent of remote working, everyone has demonstrated that business can continue virtually. As we are now seeing senior officials within government working from home, it is of note that agency staff and public affairs advisors can also complete their roles from a remote location. This could be a huge opportunity for those looking to move outside of London but want to continue working for their current employers.
This also presents the opportunity for those working within this profession to manage their work-life balance more proactively and efficiently. It has been said that most flexible arrangements make a big difference to people’s quality of life.

A change in public perceptions

Accenture research previously referenced notes that people are shopping more consciously, buying local and are embracing digital commerce. At the same time, our habits have altered so drastically that we experienced the lowest levels of global carbon dioxide emissions since 2006, falling by as much as 17 per cent as a result of lockdown restrictions.
As a result, we are now witnessing a shift in public perceptions, where there is more willingness to listen to some of the long-term challenges that we face on a global scale. For those working in public affairs and policy, this is a massive breakthrough, with businesses and governments more likely to place environmental and community concerns over profit.
Insight from McKinsey indicates that addressing pandemics and climate risk requires the same fundamental shift, from optimizing largely for the shorter-term performance of systems to ensuring equally their longer-term resiliency. This thereby indicates a shift in how public affairs advisers may approach conversations around sensitive issues in the future.
One thing is for certain, the role of the public affairs advisor is integral to engaging with and supporting the wider societal discussions that we hold.
Whether you’re searching for public affairs experts or you’re ready to make your mark on the industry, our consultants are ready to help you. Get in touch with our policy team today on or by email at info@murraymcintosh.com for a personal consultation.

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