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When it comes to equal opportunities, we often see a lot of sweeping statements. We talk a lot about the need to make things fairer within the hiring process, within the workplace and in terms of career progression, but unfortunately, we rarely see any real change.

The moral imperative for diversity and inclusion in business and society has never been greater. It is not enough for firms to simply make pledges, there must be dynamic and sustained changes made across a wide range of industries.

We know that diverse teams perform better, and our consultants are committed to working with our network to ensure that this focus is embedded across each assignment we undertake.

Diversity, we believe, cannot take place without inclusivity, and vice versa. At Murray McIntosh, diversity and inclusion has always been embedded in everything we do.

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As we continue with our commitment to improve D&I best practices within the recruitment industry, we are delighted to partner with organisations aligned to these same efforts.

Did you know that 285 million have a visual impairment, 15% of the population is neurodivergent, 774 million people cannot read or write and that one in ten people don’t speak English as a first language?

As such, we are delighted to have launched a website accessibility tool on our website that provides an inclusive experience for users through accessibility software. Features of the tool include, a screen reader for those that are visually impaired, translation to over 100 languages with 35 also having audio translation, reading tools to magnify and simplify language used on our website and styling tools for those that are neurodivergent.

Simply scroll-up and click ‘Accessibility Tools’ to explore this feature in more detail.

Optimal is an innovative technology solution removing unconscious bias within job ads. This inclusive tool removes barriers at the source, ensuring opportunities are accessible to all across gender, race, sexuality, and age.

Working proactively to deliver a more inclusive process will also help increase employee retention, as your organisation will be hiring more of the ‘right’ diverse and inclusive candidates.

We are proud to offer this tangible service to clients that are looking for an ethical recruitment partner to uphold their diversity values and inclusion efforts.

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