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Diversity and Inclusion

When it comes to equal opportunities, we often see a lot of sweeping statements. We talk a lot about the need to make things fairer within the hiring process, within the workplace and in terms of career progression, but unfortunately, we rarely see any real change.

The moral imperative for diversity and inclusion in business and society has never been greater. It is not enough for firms to simply make pledges, there must be dynamic and sustained changes made across a wide range of industries.

We know that diverse teams perform better, and our consultants are committed to working with our network to ensure that this focus is embedded across each assignment we undertake.

Diversity, we believe, cannot take place without inclusivity, and vice versa. At Murray McIntosh, diversity and inclusion has always been embedded in everything we do.

Why is diversity and inclusion important to us?

Diversity is an integral part of the make-up of UK businesses today. Yet, for the full effect of this to be realised, it must happen in tandem with inclusion. Exploring these two areas should be a starting point when pinpointing your talent management strategy.

When we think about diversity, that focuses on who is sat at the table; from graduate and entry level roles, through to middle management and those at boardroom level, these positions (and the candidates that fill them) all require our attention. Each role matters and each voice counts. We must recognise that each individual is different and has a unique contribution to put forward. They should be empowered for who they are and what these contributions can bring to a business.

Inclusion is an indicator and product of good leadership and management, so embedding inclusive behaviours within organisational strategy and individual performance measures is a critical challenge. It is not enough to have a diverse workforce, if you are not prepared to implement a culture and an ethos that accepts the value they bring.

It remains critical that managers take necessary action to populate the team with broad diversity of thought, but also instil a culture where acceptance and understanding is a priority. Regardless of sector, organisation or department, there is a real imperative to see teams bolstered by the diversity of thought that comes by listening to the voices of a truly representative team.

Driving forward your diversity and inclusion agenda

Our team have worked particularly closely to address the challenges and barriers facing women as they seek to climb the career ladder. Through the work of our Managing Director as a judge for The Women in Credit Awards, a fantastic event which champions the work of some incredible leaders within the credit and financial services industry, our consultants

have been able to learn more about how we, as a business, can drive the call to action for greater representation of women across several industries.

It doesn’t stop there though. In many of the industry verticals we work in, we experience diversity challenges; from gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, to socio-economic and disabilities there are a number of barriers preventing true representation within the workforce.

Our team of consultants are committed to levelling the playing field and providing opportunities for every candidate to excel in the recruitment process.

Providing strategic direction on diverse hiring

Internally, we will be working on continuing to educate and inform our consultants and developing their skills in how they approach each role. We will enable them to consider any barriers or concerns, fulfil the targets set by clients and make each assignment an inclusive process. Our full consultancy service will continue to ensure that there are equal and fair opportunities for all to succeed.

Diversity can only happen when there is inclusion, and it is only possible when all underrepresented groups are given that opportunity to succeed. Our role is to provide the strategic counsel for employers who are committed to meeting their diversity and inclusion objectives.

In doing so, Murray McIntosh’s’ consultancy team play a key role in securing the talent that will add value to our clients’ organisations, has the potential to strengthen their core business, and drive better results while providing them with that all-important critical edge over their competition.

Building truly diverse teams is just as important to us as it is to you.

Ready to Mark

Ready to make your mark?

Murray McIntosh are proud to have a dedicated team of consultants who are specialists in your area of expertise. Our approach combines specialised research and a tailored methodology to truly hone in on your vertical. They are accomplished in sourcing talent, from healthcare to charities, with government agencies and trade associations as well as with larger corporations in emerging sectors.

We understand the impact that policy-related issues can have, so we fully scrutinise every brief to provide an effective placement.

Our reason for this is simple, because our candidates and clients deserve nothing less.

Contact our office on 0118 907 7580 or info@murraymcintosh.com.

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