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Energy and Green Technology

Our work within the Energy and Green Technology sector

Power Distribution | Electronics Enginer | Software Engineer | Plant Process Design | Hardware Engineer | Energy Storage System | Battery Technology | Waste Management | Waste to Clean

Energy specialists are playing a more critical role today than ever before. Tasked with developing solutions for our consumption and use of energy, their skills in research, design and implementation are invaluable for a more sustainable future. These individuals are analytical, passionate, have excellent attention to detail and are often very experienced, working across a diverse range of industries including the renewables market.

The energy sector is subject to complex regulatory control, but we understand these requirements and are able to place professionals with the right knowledge and experience. As the country moves towards a greener future, supported by a growing infrastructure of electric vehicles & charging stations and dynamic changes in automation technology, we are keeping pace with organisations changing priorities and talent requirements.

Our work across functions in solar, hydro, biomass, nuclear, wind and renewables enables us to secure talent that enhances the service you provide, placing your needs at the centre of our search. From graduate placements, transitioning through senior roles, head of departments, managerial functions to executive level positions; we can help you to find the right people, with the skills and experience you require.

We will help your hiring team to identify and secure the talent you need to expand and enhance your offer in the energy market. Using our own specialised tools and databases, we provide an unrivalled insight into the engineering talent marketplace. Our consultants are experts in understanding where and how to search for the right people for your business. Through this understanding, we develop long term, successful partnerships with our clients.

Our unrivalled industry expertise makes us your recruitment partner of choice. Here’s why our clients engage our energy division.

  • They want a knowledgeable agency who is immersed in and truly understands the market
  • They are seeking to fill roles with niche requirements
  • They don’t want to sort through several candidate C.V.s only to be presented with talent that doesn’t hit the brief
  • They need to make a key hire but don’t have the time to manage an extensive search
  • They are unsure about whether an interim or permanent position will best fill the gap in their team
  • They need an efficient process to work around their business
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Our value lies in how we can apply your expertise to help grow our client’s business as well as your career.

We understand the impact that a placement in the engineering sector can have, so we fully scrutinise every brief to provide an effective placement.

Our reason for this is simple, because our candidates and clients deserve nothing less.

Contact our office on 0118 907 7580 or info@murraymcintosh.com.

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