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Policy professionals work within government bodies, charities, think tanks and trade associations, as well as in the private sector.

Policy experts possess excellent communication and analytical skills, and an ability to identify formulate and present complex information in a clear and concise manner, enabling decision-makers to decide on the best course of action. These specialists are diverse, resourceful, reasoned professionals, often working in environments.

Our consultants understand that the policy sector is a fast-paced, dynamic environment and much like policy development, our recruitment involves research, consultation, and evaluation to identify high-calibre candidates.

Effective policy development requires a range of communication skills that reflect the agility of the market. Securing the right candidate involves an in-depth search of the market and a recruitment process that spans each corner of the industry. Working closely with our clients, we successfully place professionals with the right knowledge and expertise.

As one of the few recruitment consultancies specialising in policy, we have access to a diverse network of specialists. We continue to add to and enhance our understanding of the sector and work to constantly develop and maintain our talent network. Our consultants draw on years of experience to find candidates best suited for our clients’ needs, values, and industry vertical.

Using an innovative, research-led approach, we have developed a diverse network of talented professionals. This enables us to successfully generate referrals and identify the right candidates for clients. From graduate placements and those transitioning through senior roles, to heads of departments, managerial functions and executive level positions we can help you to find the right people, with the skills and experience you require. Our consultants know how important the role of a policy professional is to your organisation. In mirroring the process of the industry, we have unrivalled insight and awareness of the challenges and opportunities across a range of organisation sizes and sectors. Through this understanding, we develop long-term, successful partnerships with our clients.

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Ready to make your mark?

Murray McIntosh are proud to have a dedicated team of consultants who are specialists in your area of expertise. Our approach combines specialised research and a tailored methodology to truly hone in on your vertical. They are accomplished in sourcing talent, from healthcare to charities, with government agencies and trade associations as well as with larger corporations in emerging sectors.

We understand the impact that policy-related issues can have, so we fully scrutinise every brief to provide an effective placement.

Our reason for this is simple, because our candidates and clients deserve nothing less.

Contact our office on 0118 907 7580 or info@murraymcintosh.com.

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