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We are a leading recruitment consultancy in Policy and Public Affairs. Offering an inclusive and responsible approach to recruitment, we pride ourselves on empowering the individuals we work with. Our diverse values, specialist expertise and tailored approach make us the specialist recruiter of choice for many.

In a world of fast-paced policy developments and regulatory changes, we recognise the need to find candidates who not only meet the requirements, but who can adapt and excel in pressured environments. Our client base includes worldwide government departments, regulators, trade bodies, think tanks and organisations within and across the industry.

We are proud to specialise in Policy, Public Affairs, Economics and Strategic Comms. Please feel free to contact our team about they can support your business or your personal career journey.


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Policy, Public Affairs & Comms

The UK energy crisis: What’s the latest?

The UK’s energy crisis has been dominating headlines in recent months, particularly with Government energy regulator, Ofgem, announcing that energy bills are predicted to leap by 80% this win...
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Policy, Public Affairs & Comms

Technology in public affairs: what’s new?

Technology in public affairs: what’s new? Since the pandemic, we have certainly seen a surge in digital and tech innovation. Perhaps unsur...
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Policy, Public Affairs & Comms

Public Affairs: keeping on top of uncertainty

It’s been an incredibly busy time for the world of communications, public affairs and public policy. We’ve seen challenges to Governmen...
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