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Placing the right people in influential places.

Policy specialists are diverse, resourceful, reasoned professionals who work across a range of key areas including Corporates, Trade Associations, Government Bodies and Charities.These specialists monitor industrial, economic and social policy-related issues in emerging disciplines, and often lobby policy makers on behalf of the organisation or clients they’re working for.

Our work mirrors theirs; much like policy development itself, it involves research, consultation and evaluation to produce core recommendations.

Public Affairs

Changing the landscape for public affairs specialists.

The current political landscape continues to change in line with critically defining moments. Public affairs specialists are therefore crucial in the sector, balancing the often-disruptive nature of the political climate.

Through a range of key roles, professionals in this sector are required to form, build and manage relationships with key stakeholders, policy makers, parliamentarians and ministers.

We know the value of aligning decision-makers with strategic placements. It is through our understanding of the discipline that we can develop core partnerships between public industries.


Positioning leading professionals at the core of the public affairs and comms sector.

The changing pace of the public affairs sector requires clear communication.

With positions in content and marketing to major communications lead roles in increasing demand, now is the time to explore a progressive career pathway.

Professionals specialising in this area will work dynamically, in the ever-quickening digital age, to deliver consistent, key messaging.

Ready to Mark

Ready to make your mark?

Murray McIntosh are proud to have a dedicated team of consultants who are specialists in your area of expertise. Our approach combines specialised research and a tailored methodology to truly hone in on your vertical. They are accomplished in sourcing talent, from healthcare to charities, with government agencies and trade associations as well as with larger corporations in emerging sectors.

We understand the impact that policy-related issues can have, so we fully scrutinise every brief to provide an effective placement.

Our reason for this is simple, because our candidates and clients deserve nothing less.

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