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We are a leading recruitment consultancy in Policy and Public Affairs. Offering an inclusive and responsible approach to recruitment, we pride ourselves on empowering the individuals we work with. Our diverse values, specialist expertise and tailored approach make us the specialist recruiter of choice for many.

In a world of fast-paced policy developments and regulatory changes, we recognise the need to find candidates who not only meet the requirements, but who can adapt and excel in pressured environments. Our client base includes worldwide government departments, regulators, trade bodies, think tanks and organisations within and across the industry.

We are proud to specialise in Policy, Public Affairs, Economics and Strategic Comms. Please feel free to contact our team about they can support your business or your personal career journey.


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Policy, Public Affairs & Comms

Key moments in 2022 public policy – a year in review

From the government merry-go-round and changes at the helm, to the ensuing cost of living crisis which has brought misery to households across the country, it’s been one heck of a year. The n...
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Policy, Public Affairs & Comms

Is the Government leading the way in Strategic Communication Recruitment?

Communication is key, not just at home but also in the workplace and in every aspect of life. However, with a potential recession looming, demand f...
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Policy, Public Affairs & Comms

Public affairs hiring trends

The latest public affairs and policy hiring trends Ever since the COVID-19 crisis, public affairs professionals have had to address issues of un...
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