A fresh look at Recruitment

Our hiring process is designed with both our candidates and clients in mind.

That’s why we created The Lobby, our unique video interviewing platform. We provide candidates with the opportunity to showcase their skills, while giving our clients access to the best talent in the industries that are important to them. We believe in making the recruitment process straightforward. Our team of specialists use our dedicated service to record and present our interviews with candidates to companies. It’s a win-win for a smooth hiring process for our clients and extensive network of talent.

What the Lobby can do for you

  • Provides a place to display a shortlist of video interviews, both simply and efficiently.
  • Our specialists screen candidates on the phone before recommending them.
  • Pre-defined interview questions to challenge candidates.
  • Replaces the traditional face-to-face first stage interview with a video alternative.
  • We deliver up to five video interviews, alongside our notes and the candidate’s CVs.

A Platform that Works for you

  • We deliver key impact hires through our platform.
  • Our process saves you time with first stage interviews.
  • You can watch the interviews at your convenience.
  • Only the best talent makes it onto The Lobby – minimising the work for you.
  • Each video interview is 15 minutes in length.

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Our ethos as an employer and recruiter is simple.

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