Talent Development

Year-round development of permanent and contract staff, targeted for your business.

  • Quick and efficient access to relevant talent
  • Active brand
Video Interview Platform

Cloud-based video platform and shortlisting suite. View pre-recorded video interviews, profile summaries, CVs and leave feedback.

  • Increased process efficiency by 1/3- reduced time to hire
  • High level insight before asking for interview
  • Review interviews anywhere, any time.
Careers Portal

A branded portal to view and track all of your recruitment process.

  • Dedicated information point to direct all interest
  • Submission tracking
  • Professional portrayal of brand and project
Interview Management

Planning, arrangement, guidance and strategic advice. A full 360 process management to include structured question development and assessment criteria.

  • Time saved
  • External expertise, increasing security of hire
  • Positive candidate experience
HR Support

Fully managed HR service or light touch administrative support.

  • Resource Planning
  • Time Saved
  • Outsourced. External expertise
Budget Planning

Consultation with stakeholders to understand historic use of recruitment and retention budget to improve and forecast costing based on most effective models.

  • Consistent building of a strategic solution that not only fits but maximises budget and establishes long term efficiencies
Personality Profiling

Sophisticated, online, instrument specifically designed to identify the behavioral preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance.

  • Additional layer of security/ insight, adding confidence to hires
  • Targeted, positive influence to interview process

Offline and online data capture for application segmentation and ongoing analysis performance.

  • Insight into trends, levels (equal ops, conscious bias etc)
  • Comparison to historic data
  • Understanding of brand positioning and attraction

A monthly managed service, building a network of truly successful and ambitious industry professionals.

Your staff are your most important asset and securing the best employees is key to your success.

You may not be hiring continually but by generating a readily available talent bank – composed of the best candidates targeted specifically with your business in mind– you will have instant access to the right people at the right time.

Are you?

  • Trying to reduce staff turnover rate
  • Planning for a high volume of vacancies annually
  • Looking for an expert agency to provide flexible support
  • Aiming to build an extensive network of high-calibre candidates
  • A fast-growing company with limited HR resource

Benefits of Talent Bank

  • Access to a personalised, wide-ranging pool of candidates
  • A prompt response to hiring callouts
  • Consultants who are real authorities in your sector
  • Expert HR support, including interview management
  • Immediate, informed and insightful advice
A ‘go-to’ recruitment resource available whenever you need it.

Add-on services


A centralised information point to direct all interest.

  • Fully branded
  • Application hub
  • Professional portrayal of brand and project
Bespoke Advertising

Identification and management of role with industry specific advertising, blog and journals.

  • Thorough coverage of market and extended reach into talent pools
  • Additional brand awareness
Compliance Checking

Bespoke platform including DBS clearance and IR35 checking service to complement your HR process

  • Quick results, an enhanced layer of security to you hiring decision

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