Elevate your market position and employer brand

Employer branding becomes critical in times of economic uncertainty, particularly in a labour market where there are skills shortages and organisations are competing for talent.

We see elevating your employer brand as part of the hiring process, which is why we are proud to have a dedicated in-house recruiting marketing team that work meticulously to help elevate your market position and employer brand through the hiring process.

From branded microsites to duel branded adverts we will work to align our design efforts to your company's existing brand and values and position you ahead of your competitors.

  • Branded Microsites
  • Targetted & Branded LinkedIn Campaigns
  • Dual Branded Social Content
  • Complete MaaS Solutions
  • Competitor Analysis & Benchmarking

Here's how we can help...

With a rich suite of tools and a specific knowledge of successful marketing strategies to attract talent and incorporate D&I objectives, we pride ourselves on bringing extra value to your hiring process.

Below is a snapshot of how we can deliver our recruitment marketing efforts. Feel free to request portfolio examples from the Technical Talent by Murray team.


Rather than investing additional time and money into updating or creating a careers site for your brand, our team can create a beautiful yet fully functional microsite for your business using our in-house tools. Aligning to your company's brand guidelines and vision, your microsite can contain dynamic and relevant content about your current opportunities.

Your microsite will be shared across our organic channels and promoted through targeted LinkedIn campaigns providing additional exposure for your brand. All candidates can apply directly through the microsite ensuring a seamless and unbiased application process.


Advertising is a crucial element in your hiring strategy and plays a key role in enhancing your employer brand.

Investing in multiple platforms including job boards, social media channels, publications and our own website, we take the opportunity to promote your brand to those that meet the targeted requirements. These additional activities play a key role in not just supporting the recruitment processes but also increasing you exposure to passive and un-tapped talent pools.


The moral imperative for diversity and inclusion in business and society has never been greater, which is why our recruitment processes help to ensure an inclusive hiring process. A large part of achieving this is creating assets and platforms that are accessible to all interested applicants. As such, our adverts, imagery and microsites are build to consider accessibility, diversity and inclusion as a top priority.

Diverse teams perform better which is why our recruitment marketing team are committed to helping you take the first steps in creating a more inclusive employer brand.

MaaS by Murray

The journey of the consumer, job seeker, online user is changing, and it is more critical than ever to invest in both your brand and marketing strategy. Embracing this doesn’t need to cost the earth, nor should it include meaningless jargon.

We use our comprehensive toolkit, varied industry expertise and intimate networks to create and execute marketing campaigns that are aligned with your business needs. Simple.

Delivered by a team that are experts in their field, our proven strategies are underpinned using a blend of academic methodologies, a macro-first ethos and up to date industry insight.

Investing in the industry’s best tools

Interacting with the latest innovations that specifically benefit the recruitment attraction and onboarding process, we take on the commitment and investment, so you don’t have too.

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