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Hire electrical engineering for your organization!

Welcome to Technical Talent by Murray, we specialize in placing top-tier electrical design engineers with innovative organizations in the USA, ranging from start-up to established. With over 12 years of experience in technical recruitment, our team has developed a deep understanding of the unique staffing needs and requirements of companies at various stages in their evolution looking to make critical electrical engineer hires.

Our technical recruitment experience spans a range of industries including medical, robotics, and green tech, allowing us to offer a diverse range of electrical engineers to our clients. We understand the importance of finding the right electrical design engineer for each unique start-up, and we work closely with our clients to provide strategic guidance and support throughout the hiring process. From crafting job descriptions and sourcing engineers to conducting interviews and negotiating offers, we are committed to helping start-ups build world-class teams of electrical design engineers that will drive their businesses forward.

We proudly provide personalized attention and expertise to each client as they make informed technical hiring decisions that will shape the future of their company.

Electrical Engineering Recruitment

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The Challenge

Technical Talent by Murray were engaged by a start-up in the space sector that needed a small team of electrical engineers due to a recent project win. Previous technical recruitment companies were unable to provide both the quality and quantity needed within the short time frame provided. 

The Solution

Technical Talent by Murray met with the client for a stakeholder brief, scoped out the requirements for each electrical engineer from a seniority, technical, and cultural point of view, and went out to market. Technical Talent by Murray conducted first-stage video interviews on behalf of the client, and assessed them against the stakeholder and "role-fit" criteria on a technical level, taking into consideration the candidate's key motivators. As a result, our technical talent team successfully built a new electrical engineering function for the client within 6 weeks.

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Complimentary Specialisms

Our work across closely linked specialisms has allowed us to build a network and knowledge base that informs our work, improves our delivery and has given us insight into strategic and granular delivery.

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