Step 1

Stakeholder Meetings

Widening understanding of the context of the appointment helps to achieve buy-in from those involved in the recruitment campaign, and enable us to effectively represent your organisation to prospective candidates. Not only does this enhance our knowledge of the organisation but it supports the creation of a coherent marketing message.

Step 2

Campaign Preparation & Media

Our aim is to run a campaign that, alongside our own internal processes utilises online media. This will undoubtedly increase exposure for your organisation and help entice suitable candidates. We understand the need to be creative in this search and feel we should feed the search process into and across a number of platforms including the paid for advertising across social media channels.

Step 3


We conduct a thorough headhunt, utilising our market knowledge, network and database whilst also undertaking research to target relevant individuals across a range of sectors for this post. Search, or headhunting, is one of the critical areas where we can add value to this campaign and we would look to engage in a full ‘market-mapping exercise’ to assess the target candidate pools.

Step 4

Candidate Process & Management

Throughout the process, and at offer stage, we will:

  • Act as first point of contact for all candidates
  • Discuss the role and opportunities in detail to assess suitability
  • Co-ordinate interviews – arranging dates and times for the role with all parties
  • Professionally manage rejected candidates, handling any verbal/written queries
  • Manage feedback and opinion from applicants and the panel following interviews

Step 5

Video Platform - The Lobby

15-minute snapshots of our shortlisted candidates - Assess high-level skill set, as well as soft skills before selecting who to progress to face to face interview.

Click the video preview to see candidates answering the questions we have pre-defined with you, based specifically on your role requirements.

Built with busy schedules in mind, our platform allows you to watch interviews at your convenience. 

This tool is optional for our clients and can be added into the process for an extra free at point of engagement. 

Step 6


  • Negotiate and manage the offer, including advising on exit strategy
  • Maintain close contact during the notice period
  • Remain available throughout the first 6-12 months of employment

Proven Results

An assured, time efficient process to proactively seek, attract and secure the best talent


  • Innovative technology and tools
  • A/B Testing
  • Built by experienced consultants
  • Elevate your brand
  • Identify relevant scoping ground
  • Unbiased assessment of candidates
  • Market feedback


  • Save up to 50 mins per candidate interviewed
  • Reduction in time to hire: Up to 2 weeks for mid-management. Up to 4 weeks for Senior hires
  • 20 working hours saved per hire
  • 100% repeat engagement after first use

Proactively monitoring macro factors to forecast your personnel needs.

Our areas of expertise, continual study, and exposure to key policy influencers allows us to understand and ‘future-proof’ human capital implications and opportunities. Our delivery goes far beyond the here and now.

Monitoring the PESTLE landscapes, provides our clients with informed insights. This allows our clients to be proactive, rather reactive, securing exceptional and soon to be ‘in-demand talent’, before their competitors.

By understanding how the macro might affect the micro, businesses can look at their organisation as a whole and group resources together to achieve a more efficient and cost-effective outcome for their hiring strategies. We have a successful track record of creating and delivering bespoke, insight-orientated talent solution plans, allowing organisations to attract and retain the right talent.

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Investing in the industry’s best tools

Interacting with the latest innovations that specifically benefit the recruitment attraction and onboarding process, we take on the commitment and investment, so that you don’t have too.

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