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We recruit the professionals helping organisations to assess and navigate the political landscape.

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Discover our approach to appointing Public Affairs professionals

Government, public and private sector organisations rarely align on key issues.

Public affairs specialists work to influence policy change, advocating for the most favourable environment for their sector or organisation. This might be from a position within a company, charity or as part of a trade body, which seeks to further the interests of an industry as a whole.

As organisations pursue growth strategies in an environment comprised of disruption, regulation, increased public scrutiny, and political uncertainty, public affairs professionals are on-hand to help navigate the landscape. Specialists in this sector are required to build and manage relationships with key stakeholders within Government Departments, arms-length bodies, and Parliament to raise awareness of key issues.

Successful public affairs specialists are agile, with the ability to assimilate and communicate policy. These professionals will have strong interpersonal skills, enabling them to build relationships with decision-makers and maintain a network of trusted contacts.

Our consultants understand the value of aligning decision-makers with strategic placements. Working with our clients, we implement an in-depth search of the market to secure and place the right candidate.

Through our understanding of the industry, we develop core partnerships within our network to produce high quality candidates each time.

As one of the few recruitment consultancies in the UK specialising in public affairs, we have access to a diverse network of specialists. It is our advanced understanding of the sector that positions our consultants well to support our expanding network. The specialists that we place give our clients considerable influence in their industry.

We continue to follow our ethos of truly ethical and research-led search and selection consultancy, showcasing an unparalleled insight into the public affairs marketplace. Our consultants work with our vast network to successfully generate referrals and identify the ideal candidates for clients. We can help you to find the right people, with the skills and experience you require.

The value of aligning decision-makers with strategic placements has never been greater. It is through our understanding of the discipline that we secure candidates who will give you an influential voice in your sector. Our consultants have unrivalled insight and awareness of the challenges and opportunities across a range of organisation sizes and sectors. Through this understanding, we develop long-term, successful partnerships with our clients.

Complimentary Specialisms

Our work across closely linked specialisms has allowed us to build a network and knowledge base that informs our work, improves our delivery and has given us insight into strategic and granular delivery.

Recruit Strategic Communications Professionals

Building relationships with key audiences to positively position an organisation through multi-layered communication and ensuring the right message lands with the right people at the right time.

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Recruit Economics Professionals

Strategic thinking, research, and assessment to unearth high-quality professionals.

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Recruit Policy Professionals

Our consultants understand that the policy sector is a fast-paced, dynamic environment and much like policy development, our process involves research, consultation, and evaluation to identify high-calibre candidates.

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Our successful retainer solutions

A retainer is a three-part process based on the key milestones of an assignment; commencement, shortlist and appointment.

We are accountable for a time-conscious, structured process which guarantees results.

Finding you the best in the market, not on the market.

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