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Water Engineers For SMEs & Supply Chain

We too are an SME and so we understand the pressures in your organsiations, the desire to push development boundaries, and the need to always deliver.

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Engaging with the right water engineers to support with your innovations and developments in the water industry.

There are no other specialist water recruitment consultancies that are as focused on the sector as us, nor that have worked at every level and with all types of relevant organisations.

Since our inception we have taken great pride in servicing, supporting and working with other SMEs in our space. We too are an SME and so we understand the pressures of your organisations, the desire to push development boundaries, and the need to always deliver. It is with you that we were able to set our foundations, and from here we have managed to build our own business and consult, advise and deliver to the broader water sector.

Our formative years were spent working closely with the SMEs, consultancies and innovators that make up the industry supply chain, for whom we built bespoke and tailored water engineering recruitment models to deliver their needs. It is from here that we have built an understanding of the Water/Utilities sector and have been privileged to have had access and insight into the innovations and developments the sector has experienced over the past decade. From project inception to completion, and everything in between, we understand your needs, resourcing requirements and how these sit within the AMP cycle schedule and regulatory requirements. We know how you operate, are aware of the broader ecosystem, the structure of delivery and supply and are adept at positioning ourselves to offer the best resource at the right time.

Water engineering specialists are adapting to keep pace with the range of new roles being developed across the sector. As technology advances and projects within the industry progress, their skills in automation, research and implementation are ever more key to driving success. These are innovative collaborators with a strong interest in leading projects, typically technically minded and working across a variety of different projects from clean water and wastewater treatment to sewage treatment, leaning on new technologies in a bustling market space. With a genuine passion for the sector, our experienced consultants engage and attract these highly qualified and skilled candidates to enhance your project.

We are the recruitment partner of choice and below are some of the reasons why our clients choose to work with us:

  • They want a knowledgeable water engineering agency immersed in the sector
  • They want a recruitment partner that understands how to, and the pressures of, delivery into the water sector
  • They are seeking to fill roles with niche and specialist requirements
  • They only want to be presented with water engineers who solve the needs and fit the brief
  • They expect a delivery partner to run the process for them and save them time
  • They require consultative advice on what to hire, when and how
  • They trust us to act as a reputable extension of their business and operations

We provide a tailored, niche recruitment process, using our own specialised tools and databases, led by consultants recognised as experts in your sector. We can help you to find the right people, whether for a permanent or interim hire. We have built a network and knowledge base that informs our work, improves our delivery and has given us insight into the strategic and granular delivery.

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Water Engineering by Murray, working with you to support each stage of the AMP cycle.

Understand how we can deploy full teams and skilled professionals to identify improvements, solve problems and deliver projects on time within budget.

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Mini Murray Case Study

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The Challenge

    As a smaller business, 2M Automation required an automation engineer with the unique skill to code with B&R plc, and to add to the challenge, the candidate needed to be able to start within one week at their main office. As a time sensitive deployment, we were able to utilise our passive and active networks alongside our tools and processes to deliver.

    The Solution

    Once we refined a suitable pool of water engineers we were able to help within just 48 hours!

    Understanding the engineer’s full skill set was important and provided extra value for the client. By taking a deep dive into the candidate's wider ability, as well as the immediate requirement, we were able to provide additional value to 2M. In this instance we could identify additional skills such as, calculation power, LV/KV, schematic and CAD package ability.


    Whenever we needed an experienced panel builder and designer to manage our shop floor, Murray McIntosh has actively engaged with us and has always introduced us to candidates who met all the requirements and we had pleasure to work them. Murray McIntosh are very organized and responsible and always conduct work to a high standard within project time frames.

    Mosi Mirshafiei - Director 2M Automation

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    Eco-system of support

    Our work across closely linked specialisms has allowed us to build a network and knowledge base that informs our work, improves our delivery and has given us insight into strategic and granular delivery.

    Hiring Water Engineers For Tier Providers

    Our work across the industry's supply chain and the support we have provided to the Water Frameworks directly have positioned us as a partner of choice for several organisations within the Tier Provider network. We have sight of industry developments, project pipelines and delivery/regulatory timescales. We understand where, when and why your resourcing requirements will arise and have built a series of delivery models to ensure you have access to the best resource at the right time.

    Discover how we support Tier Providers

    Recruiting For Water Frameworks

    We are proud to have recruited for every Water Framework in the UK, either directly or via the Tier Providers and SME supply chain since AMP4. Our work with Tier Providers, Consultancies, regulators and the SME supply chain has allowed us to build a network and knowledge base that has informed our portfolio of work with the Frameworks. We are committed to continuous improvement and regularly adapt our service offering to ensure we are supporting you in meeting the challenges that exist within this AMP cycle and the next.

    Discover how we recruit engineers for Water Frameworks