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Radio frequency engineering is central to every part of modern life and as a result, the engineers in this field are becoming highly sought after.

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Attracting and recruiting radio frequency engineers for your business.

In the 21st century, Radio Frequency engineering affects almost every part of our lives which makes the engineers operating in this field highly sought after.  Radio frequency engineers have gone from being centred around radio, commercial TV and minor military communications to being an essential cog in the success of 4G, 5G, GPS, wi-fi, unmanned vehicles, satellite systems and geospatial exploration to name but just a few areas. Sectors in which RF engineers are in high demand include aerospace, defence, maritime, military and commercial industries. 

Putting aside the rapid pace of technological transformation, radio frequency in its own right is highly complex. As such, radio frequency engineers are required to be highly skilled in electronics, mathematics and physics; as well as being reactive to industry change and advancement. With the increase of wireless devices and subsystems, amongst much more on the horizon, radio frequency engineers are in high-demand and those with an evidenced track record will soon be headhunted for work rather than applying through traditional methods such as job boards and LinkedIn. This means that finding engineers with this niche skill set will be significantly harder, which is why we have crafted our approach and tech stack to attracting, engaging and placing great radio frequency engineers both now and in the future.

Going one step further, we dedicate the time to understand our client’s vision and values, enabling us to match radio frequency engineers with similar values, ensuring a successful and long-term appointment.

We have proven experience in identifying and placing engineers across the RF product development lifecycle; RF & circuitry design engineers, Antenna and hardware engineers, RF Test engineers, Algorithm development engineers, DSP, Radar modelling consultants & RF Systems Engineers.

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    Ontic Case Study

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    The Challenge

    Ontic reached out to Engineering by Murray when looking for a Principal RF Engineer to come on board and support them with a legacy radar product that was causing issues.

    From previous experience, Ontic were aware of the challenges when trying to attract and recruit radio frequency engineers. As such, Onitc wanted to engage with a specialist recruiter to ensure personnel targets were met.

    The Solution

    Our Engineering by Murray team swiftly provided two matching CVs within 12 hours. Both radio frequency engineers were invited to interview and a competitive offer was made. Given the high calibre of candidates, the second engineer was approached with the potential of onboarding later in the project cycle.

    Our understanding of the technology being developed and our track record of placing candidates who have delivered on similar projects enabled both a quick turnaround and a successful appointment.


    Murray McIntosh were able to provide us with an excellent RF Engineer that suited our requirement to support a project we have won from a key customer. They were efficient, communicative, professional & managed the process from start to finish, I would highly recommend their services to any client seeking a specialist RF engineer.
    -Electronic Engineering Manager
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    Radio Frequency Engineers

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